1. Finance
  2. Licensing and Taxes

City Hall

144 Tichenor Ave, Suite 5

  1. Email:
  2. Phone: (334) 501-7239
  3. Hours:  M-F: 8AM-5PM

LaTrice Mose

Revenue Manager

  1. Phone: (334) 501-7224
  2. Email:


For your convenience, these forms are published in PDF form. You can print and complete the following forms and return them to the Revenue Office in City Hall in person or by mail. If you have questions, please call: (334) 501-7239.

City of Auburn, AL
Revenue Office
144 Tichenor Avenue, Suite 6
Auburn, AL 36830

Event Permit Form

Business Registration
Business Registration Form
Short Term Rental Registration
Residential/Commercial Rental Business License Registration
Individual OCC License Registration
Tax Registration Form
Taxi Driver Vehicle for Hire Application
Transient Merchant Information Sheet & Application
Fee Category Calculation Sheet
Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative

General and Subcontractors
Contractor's/Subcontractor's Quarterly Report
General Contractor Bond
Electrical Bond
Plumbing Bond

Taxes and Fees
Sales/Use/Rental & Leasing/Lodging Tax Report
Monthly Wholesale Motor Fuel Report
Monthly Wholesale Wine Report
Employer's Quarterly Return of Occupation License Fee
Individual Return of Occupation License Fee
Reconciliation of Returns of Employer's Occupation License Fee Withheld
Quarterly Return of Residential Rental Business License Tax

Refunds and Waivers
Occupational License Fee Refund Request Form
Penalty Waiver Request Form
Direct Petition for Tax & Licensing Fee Refund